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Talk on 'Global Restructuring of Industries' held in Goa Institute of Management (GIM)

Goa Institute of Management (GIM), one of the premier B-Schools of India presently ranked among the top 20 management schools in the country recently initiated an ambitious project which will involve celebrated global management thinkers.

As part of this initiative Dr.C.K Prahalad, who is often referred as one of the foremost business thinkers of our time, delivered a talk on the theme ‘Global Restructuring of Industries'.

Is there an India Advantage?’ at the National Institute of Oceanography auditorium, Goa. The event was hosted by the Goa Institute of Management (GIM).

There is a significant restructuring of industries, be it the financial services, automation, pharmaceuticals, publishing or entertainment.

Part of it is caused by the current financial crisis but the trends are as much driven by long term and enduring changes in technology, consumer expectations and globalization.

Does the Indian industry have the unique opportunity to reposition itself in this process of global change? What are the advantages that the Indian industry can leverage? How will this transform emerging Indian multinationals and what impact will it have on western multinationals? Management Guru Dr. C.K Prahalad threw light on some of the aspects during the hour long lecture.

Top notch industrialists, the corporate community, bureaucrats and students attended the prestigious event.

Said, Dr.C.K Prahalad, during his talk “India has a clear advantage over other countries and can actively shape emerging world order through its economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership.”

Rather than take an introspective look at what the country has achieved at 60 years of independence, Dr C.K Prahalad urged people to imagine an ‘India at 75’ and work diligently to wards it.

By the year 2022 India can emerge as a leader in industry and commerce, if it is able to capitalize on its advantages. Elaborating on a successful business model for the country, he explains that the ideal circumstance for a successful entrepreneurial venture is one which is “low on resources and high on aspirations”.India needs to find that balance by investing in its people and raising aspirations.

A Paul and Ruth Mc Cracken Distinguished University Professor at the Ross School of Business, The University of Michigan, Dr. C.K Prahalad is a professor, researcher, speaker, author and prominent consultant who specializes in corporate strategy for large diversified, multinational corporations.

Dr.Prahalad is more than an academic, he is one of the foremost business thinkers of our times. A prominent figure, Dr.Prahalad has consulted with some of the world's foremost companies, such as Ahlstrom, AT&T, Cargill, Citicorp, Eastman Chemical, Kodak, Oracle, Philips, Quantum, Revlon, Steelcase, and Unilever.

In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of NCR Corporation, Hindustan Lever Limited and the World Resources Institute.

Says Mr. Alan D’Souza, Director, GIM of the association, “As part of our value system at GIM, we emphasis on providing a good quality education to our students.

We encourage students to view an MBA degree/diploma not merely as a passport to a well paid job, but as a first step towards a good future career.

Remuneration should come as a byproduct of value delivered. Im sure our association with committed individuals such as Dr. C.K Prahalad will add value to the institute”.

Alan D’Souza who has taken over as Director of GIM early this year is one of the Founders of the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) and has been instrumental in setting up MICORE, at Ahmedabad, the first Institute of its kind, dedicated to Communications Research.

GIM is making constant efforts towards strengthening the institutes core competencies. In addition, the B-school is working towards creating an excellent research culture, developing international collaborations with recognized management schools across the world, guest lectures from leading management gurus and strengthening the existing team of core and visiting faculty, among others areas.

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